Entire Fucking City of Asheville Moving Out of North Carolina
Jordan Stephens

Don’t expect a bill like that to come to S.C. There’s a lone monkey in the legislature rattling his bigoted cage, but our governor has put the word out on the street that we won’t have any of that monkey business here.

Not that Nikki Haley (aka “Teaparty Darling”) cares about progressive ideas, but BMW, Amazon, and other businesses putting South Carolinians to work and bringing in plenty of revenue for the state keep her reined in.

How do you think the Confederate flag got pulled from the statehouse grounds? It wasn’t because Haley cares about race relations; Nikki Haley cares about the businesses in S.C. One day she says, “None of the businesses in my state have said one word about the Confederate flag!” The next day she says, “Get that flag out of here!” What do you want to bet Ms. Haley’s phone rang a few times after her first comment?

I’d much rather my state act like it has some sense, but if I can’t have that, selfish economic concern will do in a pinch.

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