Hi Mr. Hopkins,
Nirbhay Agarwal

I have to say that I agree with you. The rise of “nerd culture” is upon us, and I would say nerds have never been more respected than they are now. Back in the day — when I was a teenager (30 years ago) — nerds were ruthlessly mocked. Often, at least in my geo area, they were the kids in the band, and we called them “bandies.” They were goofy and hopelessly awkward.

Fast forward 30 years and my own daughter is now a “bandie” and she is also a nerd. BUT, she is a fierce and independent young woman who doesn’t allow anyone to mock her. Truth be told, I think most kids are a little scared of her, because she calls them on their you-know-what. Not that she’s the bully, mind you, but she’s confident in who she is. How did she find her way? Well, she has an amazing mother (of course) but she also had older kids who modeled this behavior for her. She learned from fellow fierce nerds not to be ashamed.

It is true that pop culture is out of control and had infiltrated even the hallowed halls of CNN, but that’s mostly because the practice of “selling entertainment people consume” has gone down the tubes. CNN used to be a cable channel — you know, that people paid for. Now CNN is fighting against all of the other ways people consume information, and they have to make money to keep the lights on. Kardashian booty pays the bills.

Personally, I think this whole uproar about social media is because it is new and people are trying to figure out where it fits into their lives — and business models. In time we’ll find our groove with social media — just in time for something else to emerge and scare the you know what out of us. Once upon a time, it was Elvis, then it was sex drugs and rock n roll, then it was MTV and Madonna. “Intellectualism” has always been perceived as under attack, and yet, intellectuals continue to emerge. Imagine that.

Smart people need to quit looking down their noses at people, and I say that as a smart person (who spent her teen years in deep cover). Nothing wrong with being relatable and allowing more people to enjoy what you have to offer. Case in point: Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, Stephen Hawking, and Dean Kamen. Even Joey might like some of what they have to say!

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