If you don’t believe (or refuse to acknowledge) that the youth of the world, particularly America…

Oh goodness. Let me ask you this: did you want your MTV?

Or are you a little older? Smoke a little doobie? Drive a fast car? Listen to music your parents had a cardiac over? Don’t you understand that this happens with every stinking generation?

Maybe you were one of the three people on earth who never rocked the boat and tried something new when you were young. I will point out to you that never rocking the boat is a malady all of its own — possibly the worst one out there because it stifles growth.

Young people will be just fine. It’s the old people I worry about — you know, the old white people punching out black people and chanting at Muslims at you-know-who’s rallies. These aren’t 18 year olds doing that — you can’t blame the young for those shenanigans!

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