A Prescription for Better Care
✌TJ Parker

So, what say you to the allegations that you didn’t adhere to Express Scripts’ policies? Do you really expect me to contact my representative when I’m only going to look foolish getting all steamed up about a company that has simply not done what it’s supposed to do? Tell you what, you get your ducks in a row, and then you make a ruckus. As it stands now, you’re just pouting because the big ol’ company won’t let you play.

Healthcare is a mess, and so are the hoops you have to jump through to do business in that industry. Partly this is to protect consumers, partly this is because of drug abuse, and partly it’s to reduce competition — but you knew this going in, right? You knew it would be tough and that you’d have to comb through reams of requirements to get your business off the ground and keep it compliant.

It’s getting to the point when I read one of these dramatic, dire stories that I ask, “Okay, what aren’t you telling me?” Generally, I do a little digging and find out that I’m only getting half the story (if that much). Such is the case this time.

You admit you don’t have the certification you need. Everyone can see that you’re a mail order pharmacy, not a retail pharmacy. If it is indeed true that you shipped pills to states you’re not licensed in, just be glad all that’s happening to you is that you’re losing your contract with Express Scripts.

The rules are the rules, and nobody likes them, but if you want to be in an industry (until you can get legislation changed) then you play by the industry’s rules. This is the way the world works, and it’s the way it’s always worked. You work *within the system* to change it.

And if you do start making noise, you sure as hell better have done your homework and look like a grown-up, instead of pouting about a company not realizing you’re indeed a special snowflake and the rules don’t apply to you.

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