What an insightful and unique intellectual contribution!
E Price

The interesting thing about this story that you wrote is that it itself does not encourage discussion. You don’t stop for one second to consider the problem that attaching trigger warnings to *all* the things that might trigger someone eventually leads to violating the human and civil rights of other people. Then it becomes a matter of whose civil rights are more valuable than another’s?

You say you what to create a “better world.” Exactly who will be benefitting from this “better world?” Those of us who live in fear that any opinion that doesn’t adhere to the anti-trigger status quo will be attacked with f-bombs, or those who have experienced hardship?

For instance, I grew up verbally abused, and the word “fucking” is a trigger for me. Wouldn’t you say you owe me an apology? Don’t you think that verbal abuse survivors like me should be sheltered from harsh language like yours? I’ll wait for you to tone down your harsh language, quit attacking those who think differently than you, place a trigger warning on all incidents of harsh language and the word “fuck” or “fucking,” and your apology to me for triggering my verbal abuse PTSD. Will I be waiting long?

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