With Apologies to John McCain…Country First

Why this Democrat is rooting against Trump

As a fervent Democrat personally, and someone who works to help elect Democrats to office professionally, it is sometimes hard not to look at all political situations thru a partisan lens. Hey, if it’s good for Democrats, it’s probably good for the country right? Like most other realities in the political world, Donald Trump has turned this fundamental belief (of mine) on its head.

To explain, let me start with a few assumptions. Yes, I know, “anything can happen” in politics and Trump is a living, breathing, comb-overing example of that. (More on this in a bit.) But what what is most likely to happen, usually happens.

Assumption #1: Sen. Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee.

Assumption #2: Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee.

Assumption #3: Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination helps Sen. Clinton become President.

Some people disagree with me on that last point — they think Sen. Ted Cruz would be an easier foil. The Real Clear Politics polling averages here and here would argue that I am right, but either way, let’s keep going with this thought experiment.

So if Donald Trump winning the GOP nod would help Sen. Clinton become President, shouldn’t I be rooting for this outcome? Well I’m not. Not at all. If the race comes down to Clinton v. Trump the most likely outcome is that Sen. Clinton wins. But as we all know, sometimes — once in a great while — “anything can happen,” happens. And in this situation, the consequences of something quirky happening that throw the race to Trump are too great for me to fathom.

Sure, if Sen. Cruz were to somehow take the nomination from Trump at the convention, and something went horribly wrong and he beat Sen. Clinton, that would be bad. Bad for America. Bad for most Americans. I cannot think of one policy that I agree with Sen. Cruz on.

But while a Cruz Presidency would throw me into a deep depression — and throw most Americans nothing at all — Donald Trump is in a class all his own. Trump would not only reduce the dignity and respect of the office itself, but he also has the potential to fundamentally harm the American people and America’s standing in the world.

And that is too scary for me to root for.

So, if it comes down to Hillary v. Trump for all the marbles, I think we as Americans should agree to put her in a protective bubble for all of our sake’s. After all, country first.

Keith Kincaid

Democratic Political Consultant

Founder, 2K Strategies

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