A thesaurus that only gives you simple words
Morten Just

I guess I’m old (and I don’t think that you’re disagreeing with my viewpoint). Words must still MEAN something — — otherwise, why use them at all. And the reason we have so many words is because there are so many possible meanings — — shades of meaning, for example. And, as you note, euphemisms and massaging of terms to get a message across without offending, or with humor, or to communicate feelings across generations or social “lines”.

I work at a company where the bottom line is communication … that is, advertising. I almost have to laugh every time I hear the PHB and the VPs discussing the *exact* wording for a marketing piece.

It reminds me of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwDUzSWoCjo

Clear language, but exactly the right words!

So, I’m thinking, let’s go ahead and have spelling lists, vocabulary words, English classes … stuff like that. :-)

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