zooKKs, The Carpool Application for The Daily Commuter

Carpooling: The easy way to save time and money.

As I am sure many other young professionals will agree, trying to carve out a career while also saving money is an ongoing battle. One that I haven’t been able to win — until now that is. I was struggling to make ends meet while also refusing to use public transport. Yes, public transport is better for the environment and a cheaper alternative to driving, but I could not afford to risk showing up late to work due to missing the bus. So I stuck with my car.

Last month, I found another option. With zooKKs, I was doing my best for Mother Nature while also showing up to my meetings on time (sometimes even earlier than before).

I had heard about carpooling from some friends who claimed to save significant amounts of money this way; naturally I was curious. I signed up with zooKKs, and witnessed my commuting costs plummet. It never occurred to me that others in my area were commuting to the same part of town. zooKKs gave the ability to connect and coordinate our commute, now with the comfort and speed of the carpool lane.

My commute is no longer riddles me with stress and anxiety. Not only has carpooling allowed me to save money, I have had many laughs and good conversations before I even get to work. I may not always look forward to work, but I can now say with certainty that I look forward to the journey there.

With zooKKs, you will find a cheap and fun alternative to a hectic morning commutes. zooKKs puts the power of a carpool network in the palm of your hands.

Check out zooKKs at http://www.zookks.com/. After all, what is better than gaining money, time and new friends?

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