A Night at the Theatre

A Drabble (a short story of exactly one hundred words)

deyangeorgiev2 via Depositphotos

He checked his watch, slipped it back into his vest pocket, then put his boots on. A stubborn piece of lint clung to his black silk-lined coat.

A night at the theatre. That might bring his wife out of her recent malaise.

He heard a rap at the door. “Are you ready, sir?”

The lanky man adjusted his bow tie again and sighed. He grabbed his hat, the one people made fun of, and pushed it down on his head.

He was halfway out the door before he remembered the opera glasses. Now he was ready.

“After you, Mr. Lincoln.”

K. Kris Loomis is the author of the novel, The Sinking of Bethany Ann Crane, and the short story collection, The Monster in the Closet and Other Stories.

Kris also penned the nonfiction book, Surviving Revision: How One Writer Finished What She Started. She has written several books on yoga and meditation, as well as a travel memoir about the time she, her husband, and their handicapped cat moved to Ecuador.

When Kris isn’t writing at her standing desk, she can be found playing chess, folding an origami crane, or practicing a Bach French Suite on the piano. She lives in Rock Hill, SC with her husband and two cats.

You can connect with Kris on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin or visit her website, www.kkrisloomis.com for a free short story!