Dear Mark: Here’s why your LLC should support Parse
Felipe Cocco

Great article! I am in complete agreement that Parse should be kept for posterity, as a learning tool and for hobbyists. Its ease of use and good documentation was what drew me into using it. There’s nothing like creating an app which connects to the “cloud”, there’s something very real world about. I think everyone interested in learning to develop should be given that opportunity with the smallest hurdles possible, that’s what Parse allowed.

I was quite shocked and disappointed with FB’s decision to shutdown the service after only 3 years after acquiring the startup! Many of us in the community have come to rely on it. But by shutting down the service only a few years after acquiring it has eroded my trust in FB’s intentions as a force for good in the developer community, a view shared by many in the community.

I suspect the decision is more about FB’s intention to hone in what they do best — generating ad revenue, as they would’ve probably restructured their revenue model if they really wanted to keep it going.

But hey-ho this is the cut throat world of the tech industry. Just remember developers are fickle and don’t forget easily when they’ve been screwed over!

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