Notes To My 20-Year-Old Self

A few days ago, I stumbled across one of the most brilliant minds I’ve witnessed in quite some time. The technology revolution has allowed me to connect with such incredible people from every corner of this planet — and I absolutely love it.

This talented guy is 20 years old.

I turned 30 in February, and I started thinking two things: 1) How grateful I am to have ended up with the opportunities I was given in my later 20s, and 2) What a dumbass I was when I was his age.

I wouldn’t change my path for anything — but I do have some things I would like to say to myself, one decade ago.

  1. The world exists far beyond your university. Get out of your clique and talk to some people from other places — they know things that you wouldn’t even dream of. Learn something new, because your school isn’t teaching you a damn thing.
  2. Stop being so scared. You live in a bubble. You live in fear — of what? Of the world beyond graduation? Get over it. Things are pretty wild out there, and really, it’s not that bad. It’s actually incredible. Go get started, now.
  3. Sell something. Anything. For the love of all that is holy, make some money on the side and tuck it away. Have you ever heard of eBay? Yours for the taking. Amazon? In 2005, no one’s getting IP complaints. You are missing out on so much money you could be saving for the future.
  4. Dance more. Right after you graduate, you’ll get diagnosed with a serious condition that will end your shot at any professional dance career. It will be horrible. So, dance now, dance as much as you can, perform, and enjoy every second.
  5. Show some gratitude. Your parents have worked their entire lives to get you through college. Thank them. Don’t make them wait until you’ve had that diploma for a few years to write them a letter saying, thank you for giving me the gift of a college education. They will appreciate it more than you can ever imagine.
  6. Write more. You’re going to be writing for a long time coming. Practice, develop, make mistakes, seek some guidance. Just write. Write it now.
  7. The world is not sunshine and rainbows. Things will get more difficult. People you trust will screw you over, badly. You will be hurt, and embarrassed. Strap up for battle, because for a few years, things will be incredibly difficult. Know that there is a light at the end.
  8. Understand that very few of your friends will end up making any damn difference in the world. Very few of them will follow the path they seek. Very few of them will make a name for themselves, ten years from now. But fortunately, you’ll be one of those few — in a way you can’t imagine beyond your wildest dreams.
“Conversation through the nations, we can tell — but you can never right your wrongs until you write them down for real.” — #PoeticJustice

~ KML; Age 30 | June 2018