My Interview with The National Photographic Society

“This In Focus interview is with Kamal Mostofi and was conducted by Sarah Fitzgerald-Jones. Sarah says :-
If you have not heard of this amazing photographer let me introduce you to the wonderful Kamal Mostofi!
 Whether you have heard of Kamal Mostofi or not you will find so much of this interview inspiring and for me it was a real pleasure to do.
 Kamal Mostofi is a photographer, an artist that can capture fashion, portrait and weddings, an image maker of incredibly high standards but there is something which may surprise you when it comes to how long this photographer has been doing this inspiring work, so inspiring Kamal Mostofi has even been invited and given talks to photography students.
 Based in London this photographer is one to look out for and watch over the next coming years, I am absolutely sure he will continue to amaze with his incredible skills.
 So sit back enjoy the read, check out those stunning images and get inspired!
 With huge thanks to Kamal Mostofi for giving his time to do this interview with the NPS, it has been wonderful.
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