The Trouble with Barbie
Maureen Sherry

In a way, it’s funny. Barbie was supposed to be a one-year transition doll to be replaced with something else. That was over fifty years ago. For a cheap substitute intended to last only a year or two, this has probably been Mattel’s most profitable product, however unfeminist she may seem to be.

I still have one of Mattel’s toys that would be totally banned today: the “Fanner Fifty” a toy gun that actually shot plastic spring-propelled bullets out of the barrel when the case was struck by the hammer. Sound was provided by “Greenie Stick-on caps”. Yeah, it was a cap gun that looked totally and by today’s odd standards very incorrectly real. I recall a couple of them were used in real holdups; they were that real looking. If they were offered today as they were back then, people would be shocked at the very thought. Ah well, the 1960’s were a very different world…heck, a different Universe.

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