. May I ask why you do not find the need to humanize the police officers in this shooting or the…

May I ask why you do not find the need to humanize the police officers in this shooting or the others?

These police need no microscope applied to their behavior- in order to humanize them. Their behavior has not been described as deviant by any person or group of persons who have been deemed “CREDIBLE” by the masses! You and I differ in our approach to our assessments of Korryn’s behavior. While we can agree that what she did was wrong and reckless — as I believe I have stated previously in my poem. You and others like you — (both black and white) would condemn her, calling her a witch and a bad mother, among other things. I refuse. I see, in this woman who suffered from mental illness, freedom and self determination, however perverse the result of the application thereof, in her life. She HAS the quality, in life and in death, the very thing that America has worked so hard to extinguish in African people. Fearlessness in the face of the certain death that would accompany a stance taken against this oppressor of generation after generation of African people.

Police are celebrated when the gun down innocent men as well as when they gun down guilty ones. They don’t need humanizing — Blue lives matter — All Lives Matter — and simply put BLACK LIVES — to America — DO NOT.

Besides, they don’t need me to humanize them, I’ve gone through your timeline and viewed your responses to the many people who have expressed their views on these matters, and you seem to be doing a well enough job of the humanization of the men and women who police our municipalities.

would you, or anyone for that matter, find the need to “humanize” a white mother who confronted police with a weapon while her very own offspring sat besides her cringing in terror?

This question is a bit off kilter isn’t it? 
White mothers are not, as of this moment watching HD video after HD video after HD video of men and women who look like themselves and their children to be gunned down by and subsequently bleeding out and ultimately dying (now in the presence of their families and children). These men are dying, and are so, for a litany of offenses that seem now to be constantly decreasing in terms of their severity and scope. White women aren’t living with the level of horror that does today, and has always accompanied life in America for African people.

But, with that said, If this hypothetical white mother were to do as Korryn Gaines did, and under the same mental conditions — I’d question the reasons for which — so many in these similar situations are detained with as minimal injury as is humanly possible, while African, Latino and mentally ill persons have such heightened chances of being DESTROYED by these so called agents of PROTECTION and SERVITUDE!

The rest of your commentary was a referendum on your perception of the views of an organization that I’m almost certain you have never personally interfaced with. You assert the opinions of a man who has been dead for nearly 50 years, who died fighting the predecessor of this 2016 resistance to African empowerment. A man who’s world views, political leanings and policies, social theories, and philosophies were abruptly halted by a bullet through his face, shot from the gun of a government commissioned conspirator, for the purpose of thwarting what J. Edgar Hoover would refer to as the rise of a Black Messiah.

The fact is — You have no idea who M.L.K. is or was, nor what he would opine 50 years after the application of anesthesia and euthanasia to the movement for African empowerment that he died in service to. This is not to say that I do, but it IS to say that as a student of EVERY civil rights movement by Africans, I will trust MY OWN interpretations of M.L.K. and his life’s commitment to the cause of African empowerment. I have commitment myself, to the knowledge of mySELF, and to the repayment of the debt imposed upon me by my ancestors, to ensure that the needle moves forward in the cause of uplifting African people from the hole that white supremacy in ALL of its evolving forms, ( and all the people, of all races, who share in the worship of whiteness and the denigration of Africans) have dug for us. This commitment has been THE DECIDING FACTOR in my ability to have become a conscious and respectable human being, capable of escaping the traps that have been set for me by an insidious oppressor, and an apathetic mass of wasted American consciousness.

You have stated that the reasons for which Black Lives Matter have organized have been based on dimwittedness and lies. I don’t care to bring you to the level of understanding in which I have come to in my assessment of these things. However, I would implore you to do the study, to go deeper than what you your whiteness (or other than Blackness — of whatever sort) would have compelled you to go in search of these answers before. I ask you to do so — because you seem to be committed to opining on these issues for a reason. “The Miseducation of the Negro” by Dr. Carter G. Woodson is a good place to start. Tim Wise is a white man who has devoted his life to bringing the truth to the masses of Europeans in America who have been miseducated surrounding race relations. I would advise you to inform yourself of the truth in these matters.

The day will come when the sleeping bones of the masses of African people will awaken, and join the cause of thwarting the oppression of ALL oppressed people. When that day comes, we will need allies, true, but we are certain that there will be enemies, and will be thusly prepared, at least mentally, to press forward.

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