Why your business needs a Network Monitoring Solution?

As the technology advances rapidly, enterprises are inundated with increased users, access requests and gigantic data sets that slows system and critical decision-making processes related to Network Monitoring and Application Monitoring. Motadata provides a unified platform that allows you full control over IT infrastructure with visualization.

Motadata has many salient features that helps enterprises in streamlining their networks, portals and applications. It’s end-to-end analytics platform, plug-in based architecture and unified dashboard keeps you on top of every device, access request, apps and servers in real-time. It can also be integrated with most of your enterprise portals that make it an important partner in improving efficiency and security.

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The Webinar will discuss following topics:

1. Network Monitoring

2. Network Traffic Monitoring(Flow)

3. Log Management

4. Benefits for Businesses

5. Integration with Enterprise Systems

6. Q & A

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