KOLnet Paves the Way for Web3 Project Awareness and Token Holder Rewards

3 min readJan 31, 2023

TLDR: KOLnet aims to boost the growth of web3 projects by rewarding its token holders with tokens from these projects. There are three reward tiers based on the amount of KOLnet tokens held, with higher tiers offering greater rewards. To stay eligible for these rewards, token holders are advised to keep themselves informed of upcoming announcements and follow instructions for participation.

KOLnet is introducing a reward program to facilitate growth despite the current market conditions, which have led to delays for projects launching. We remain steadfast in our efforts to enhance KOLnet value and achieve our goals.

KOLnet will actively showcase a diverse range of blockchain projects that are already in the market and providing a token reward program for our token holders. This allows them to earn rewards in the form of the project’s tokens being promoted. KOLnet is dedicated to promoting and educating the public on innovative projects in the web3 ecosystem to showcase the value of the new features being developed on the platform.

We are continuously working on enhancing the KOLnet dapp. Currently, the dapp enables web3 projects who are launching. However, due to the recent market condition, the number of projects launching has significantly declined, with major launchpads conducting IDOs only a few IDOs instead of multiple launches per week. To address this, we are introducing a new feature called the “Post Launch Marketplace,” which will provide access to thousands of existing projects to decentralised marketing and further expand the reach of KOLnet.

The exciting addition of a marketplace for existing projects, providing them with an additional platform for marketing and promoting their initiatives. This diversification of the KOLnet platform further demonstrates our commitment to providing a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution for the web3 ecosystem.

The reward program is a pilot phase of KOLnet’s ongoing efforts which will be run exclusively from our social media channels to showcase the token utility to enhance the value of the project and promote innovative web3 projects.

KOLnet is thrilled to embark on an exciting journey as a leader in spotlighting groundbreaking web3 projects. This initiative represents a significant milestone for the organization, reinforcing our commitment to delivering value and driving demand for KOLnet tokens. This program is poised to create a dynamic and thriving environment that will benefit both existing and new supporters of the KOLnet ecosystem.

To participate in the token reward program, there will be multiple tiers based on the number of KOLnet tokens held. To qualify for a tier, you must meet the minimum token requirements. The higher the tier, the greater the potential rewards for the users receiving tokens of projects participating in the promotion.

Rewards will be distributed among token holders in each tier. As we continue to roll out the token reward program, more information on the participation process will be provided to our valued token holders.

“KOLnet is committed to providing an unparalleled experience for its token holders, KOLs and supporters of the web3 ecosystem. As we move forward with the token reward program, we encourage you to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to earn rewards and support innovative projects. We understand the importance of transparent and comprehensive information, which is why we will be providing regular updates and clear guidelines to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Join us on this journey as we shape the future of the web3 ecosystem together.




KOLnet monetises Key Opinion Leaders providing early investment to projects, decentralised crowd marketing by utilising multi-chain token pools