Protokol becomes KOLnet, evolving marketing in Defi continues…

2 min readFeb 21, 2022


TL;DR: The team has decided that Protokol will become KOLnet, this decision has been taken alongside our partners and advisors better aligning to our future vision of providing marketing for token economies.

Why KOLnet?

We started in 2021 with the vision to disrupt the marketing world. Building on the foundation of trust and transparency, through tokenised pools and automated proprietary algorithms such as Proof of Marketing and Ranking to drive quality.

KOLnet better aligns with our future vision and scope. The go-to marketing platform in DeFi and enabling KOLnet to have a truly global brand.

Initial Marketing Offerings (IMOs) will remain the mainstay and heart of KOLnet’s mission. $KOL once launched will importantly, enable projects at any point of their lifecycle to acquire value in connecting to audiences through Key Opinion Leaders.

The founders and the KOLnet team will all continue to work diligently under the new brand. KOLnet has brought in a strong team to support its continued growth and is hiring to bring in new talent.

As already opined, we consider the relationship between KOLs and Projects to be an integral and important part of the blockchain ecosystem, and we will always strive to work in the best interest of Projects, KOLs and their amazing communities.

In regard to this, we are excited and humbled to announce that established ecosystem partners have recognised KOLnets mission, joining us as advisors and helping us with our efforts:

  • SL2 Capital; Having been in the blockchain space since the beginning. Knowing all the key stakeholders placing KOLnet in the forefront of crypto movers and shakers.
  • Faculty Group; A collective of synergistic blockchain-native firms that provide a wide range of bespoke solutions to KOLnet.

We will be sharing more details on the project soon, stay tuned and join us on this exciting journey!




KOLnet monetises Key Opinion Leaders providing early investment to projects, decentralised crowd marketing by utilising multi-chain token pools