Protokol Community Progress Update: New Partners, Advisors, and Other Recent Developments

2 min readFeb 4, 2022


Over the course of the past few months since we announced our services, Protokol has received favorable reviews and excitement for our launch. Because transparency is the forefront of our company’s agenda, we’re sharing our progress details with you.

New Investors and Partnerships

During the early stages, Protokol made sure that one of its main priorities was to choose the right partners to help raise the chances of our success through strong network connections. We’re grateful that several large venture capitals, launchpads and marketing partners have joined us to help realize Protokol’s vision. The roster of our incredible partners includes the names of NGC, AU21, SL2 Capital, Faculty Group, GBIC, Moon Capital, HG Ventures, M6, Pluto Digital Assets, Total Gaming, Xord, Polygen, Corestarter.

We will be sharing more details about our latest partners in the near future.


In late Q3 2021, SL2 Capital joined our advisory board. As they’re known to bring in excellent networks within the crypto NFT and gaming spheres, SL2 Capital also helped Protokol establish strong connections to further facilitate collaborations.

We’re pleased to announce that Faculty Group has joined our advisory board. With their broad network reach and wide ecosystem partners, Protokol will be working closely with them. Their strong foundation will help greatly in strengthening our project.

Development and the Team

Last November 2021, Protokol completed the delivery of the MVP as planned. The MVP is a functional platform release integrated with Twitter proving our project’s core functions: IMO creation and swaps, Proof of Marketing validation and settlement, and initial Ranking algorithms. This laid the foundation for our V1 Release- keeping us on track for Q2 2022.

The Development team now has eight (8) full time members, and growing. The team tirelessly puts their hard work and dedication to Protokol’s delivery.

KOL Onboarding Programme

We’re very excited to share that our pre-registration game is strong! Over a few hundred MicroKOLs have already pre-registered, reinforcing their common interest to utilize the Protokol platform. We expect a large influx over the coming months as the platform is marketed globally.

Protokol has also continued to receive incredible feedback from Micro-KOLs around the world, and we appreciate the amazing support! We’re looking forward to working with them when we conduct beta testing on Testnet.


The community continues to grow in number and we will keep everyone up to date with what we have in store. As Protokol is aiming for a global outreach, we are working closely with other crypto communities who will help publicize, educate and deliver all kinds of exposure as we gear up towards the launch.

IDO/Launch Timeline

Protokol has managed to make great progress on all fronts, keeping us in a strong position to stick to our Roadmap of a Q1 Launch.

We will continue to monitor the market conditions, and will update everyone if there are any changes whatsoever.




KOLnet monetises Key Opinion Leaders providing early investment to projects, decentralised crowd marketing by utilising multi-chain token pools