Presenting the 2019 Roadmap for the DARCwallet

As we mentioned with our post explaining the benefits of the DARCwallet, our first product will serve as the linchpin for participants in our ecosystem, the Konstellation Network, to access available services. Examples of these services would be premier data analytics from Bitcurate, fundraising help from DarcMatter, or any of the exciting partnerships we have in the pipeline. We can’t wait to introduce them once the deals are finalized.

With that as context, we are excited to present an update on the roadmap for DARCwallet. We are currently in alpha mode. Our developers are testing the product internally. Last week we distributed the DARCwallet to the beta testers from our community. After completing the beta test, we will be making our first public release of the DARCwallet for PC, Mac, and Linux desktop operating systems.

DARCwallet will provide a beautiful user-friendly interface for token holders to easily send their NEM mosaic tokens like XEM and DARC. We often hear from our community that they are so frustrated with NanoWallet, now updated and branded as the NEM Wallet, that they plan on sending their tokens to an exchange and “burning their nano wallet.” Other users have described it as the “ugliest wallet ever.”

At the Konstellation team would not go that far in describing the flagship desktop wallet of the NEM ecosystem. However, we do believe that it is more appropriately targeted towards the enterprise and developer community. With the DARCwallet, we wanted to make something that was more intuitive and less bloated with additional features that most retail token holders never use. From this pure simple foundation, we intend to build a powerful suite of tools and functionality specifically tailored for use within the Konstellation Network.

Our current expectations for development of the DARCwallet product are included in the graphic below. We expect to release a desktop version of our first public beta of this software by the end of this month. That initial product should include support for multiple languages, design skins, and wallet addresses, as well as support transactions in both XEM and DARC.

DARCwallet will be a simple, beautiful product upon initial public release. As we move forward into the second half of the year, the intent is to use this foundation as a basis for bringing in other modules that provide critical functionality to the ecosystem as a whole.

In the third quarter, we plan to roll out mobile versions of the DARCwallet for both Android and iOS. The desktop version will see an expanded list of supported tokens. DARCwallet will support other mosaic tokens on the NEM public blockchain. If you have any suggestions for your favorite NEM projects, please get in touch with us! We will also support one-click decentralized transfers from DARC and XEM into the vast majority of other cross-chain tokens like bitcoin, ether, monero, litecoin, Ripple and more. The NEM community will finally have the digital asset wallet it deserves.

In the fourth quarter of 2019, we plan to roll out the web version of DARCwallet. Once we have all three versions of the software ready and available — desktop, mobile, and web — things really start to get exciting for financial services available on the Konstellation Network. The decentralized transfer function of the wallet will be augmented by staking functionality, interoperability support, and over-the-counter (OTC) trading. We will integrate support for holding digital assets from other public blockchains within the wallet itself. These features are carefully selected to provide a robust foundation for the development of a blockchain-agnostic cross-border financial services ecosystem to undergird the Konstellation Network. The DARCwallet and the DARC tokens you keep inside it will be your all-access pass to that ecosystem.

We are excited to update the DARC community on the tireless efforts of our product development team. We want to hear from you! If there is something that you would like to see on the roadmap and it is not there at the moment, please reach out on Telegram or Discord or Reddit and let the team know.

The Konstellation vision is so much more than just a wallet. However, if we are going to get where we intend to go, we are going to need a sturdy ship to take us there. DARCwallet is such a vehicle. This is just the beginning.

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Konstellation & The DARC Token

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DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, a niche blockchain-based service ecosystem specifically for the financial services industry.

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