Unpacking the Benefits of the DARCwallet™

We currently have over 6,500 wallets that hold DARC tokens on the NEM public blockchain. Those token holders deserve an easy-to-use and seamless access point to enjoy all of the services that will be able to be paid for using DARC on the Konstellation Network.

We envision a future where financial services in the global blockchain economy can be accessed through a simple-to-use and trusted tool. That is what is critical for the adoption of blockchain technologies within the financial services industry. To ease adoption it is important for it to be simple, elegant, and function efficiently.

DARCwallet™ is the first interface that participants in the Konstellation Network ecosystem can use to interact with DARC tokens. The DARCwallet™ will serve as the wireframe upon which other technology offerings will be integrated into the Konstellation Network. Data analytics, over-the-counter exchange, alternative legal services, and KYC/AML checks when necessary are just some of the services investors and fund managers alike should be able to access from the palm of their hand.

Konstellation plans to deliver robust financial services backed by the trust and efficiency that only can be brought by blockchain functionality, with a core focus on half of the world’s population — Asia (Korea, Greater China, Southeast Asia).

This vision is why one of the largest financial institutions in this region, Hana Financial Group choose to partner with DarcMatter, is a core node in the Konstellation Network. The DarcMatter platform will integrate with the DARCwallet™, which will immediately allow 150 fund managers, representing over 2,700 LPs, a.k.a. professional investors, to become participants in the Konstellation Network.

Konstellation is the dedicated blockchain technology division of DarcMatter, the award-winning global fintech platform for asset managers with investor reach in over 62 countries. While DarcMatter turns to the integration of Konstellation technology to power its next phase of growth, we believe that opening up our ecosystem to additional service providers will enable the DARC token economy to grow further.

We will be announcing our beta tester program shortly, please stay tuned.

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Konstellation & The DARC Token

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DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, a niche blockchain-based service ecosystem specifically for the financial services industry.

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