Rome, January 24, 2017

Visit of yazide girls at the KRG Italy

H.R. Kader and Kurdish Yazide girls

In Rome, for a project carried out by the Italian Ministry of Defense, 6 Kurdish yazide girls visited today the High Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Mrs. Rezan Kader who offered them a welcomed dinner on January 23rd.
 The project, as the girls have reported, provides photographic internships, visit to the most important editors of Italian newspapers and the participation in the inauguration of the photo exhibition “A Step Towards the Rebirth” which will take place on January 24 at the Maxxi Museum of Rome, opened to the public until January 29th.
 The 6 girls, united by the common passion of photography, want to witness what is happening to their people, persecuted for almost three years by terrorists of ISIS and sensitize the international community to provide even greater support to the Kurdish people in order to end the violence and continued violations of human rights.

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