Learn HTML & CSS in 20 Days or Less

you could be doing this on your couch :) {credits: Free image by Nick Turner via Unsplash}

What follows is an outline I set up to learn HTML and CSS in 20 days. Most of the items on the outline can be done concurrently as I feel it is good to tinker with both HTML and CSS at the same time.

The most important part of using the tutorials is to start building a webpage from day one, even if the page just says “Hello World!”

20 days of doing anything, does not make you an expert. But It makes you feel good about taking a first step towards mastery, if you so choose.

OK lets begin:

Read through W3 School’s HTML Tutorial. This one is time consuming and quite detailed with sample tests. Try to go through this as fast as you can. Do not worry if you do not grasp a concept immediately. You will have more than enough practice by the time you are done with this outline.

Expected Completion time: 5 days.

Build along with Drew Ryan using this custom playlist. Make sure you work through the entire playlist; but if pressed for time, then work through the first 3 videos in the playlist.

Expected Completion time: 2 days.

Read up W3 School’s CSS Tutorial while (or after, your choice) working on Drew Ryan’s videos.

Expected Completion time: 3 days.

Then follow up with this video playlist New Boston’s Xhtml and CSS Tutorial! Another Playlist, yes I know. But work through this. Work, work through this!!

Expected Completion time: 4 days.

Building Time!!! Visit The Code Player and work through the following assignments: 
- Build a Minimalist Blog Layout
- Then Build Image Accordion Effect
- Finally, round up by building the android logo.

Expected Completion time: 3 day.

Project Time!!! Visit The Odin Project and work through the following assignments: 
- Build a Google Search Page both Easy and Difficult. Then apply these results as a page to your site.

Expected Completion time: 3 days.

Use MDN’s Learn Web Development as reference. Also brush up with Html Dog’s tutorials.