Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace: Truth, history or opportunity?
Maurice DeCastro

I really enjoyed your thoughts, though the article could use a proofread, as there were several typos.

As a millennial, I can both agree and disagree with Simon Sinek. I am both deeply unsatisfied with and extremely appreciative of my life. I am appreciative, because, as you stated, it is such a great time to be alive. The amount of creative output is astounding. Technology and art are fusing in such a brilliant way. On the other hand, being raised with today’s ideals and technology, I find I am deeply unsatisfied, because I know what’s out there. I long to do meaningful and creative work. I do not see this dissatisfaction as a hindrance, but rather the motivation which drives me to work harder and find creative solutions to problems. Maybe the problem is that not all millennials use their dissatisfaction to their advantage.

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