Everyone wants to quit sooner or later. And honestly, that’s okay.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Life cannot be always smooth sailing. We are bound to face challenges and obstacles often. They may stop us from progressing. If we are sure of our goals, if we are committed to accomplish them, come what may, we shall be able to overcome the hurdles on our path and succeed in our ambitions.

The ancient Tamil sage, Thiruvalluvar has said:

மடுத்தவா யெல்லாம் பகடன்னான் உற்ற 
இடுக்கண் இடர்ப்பாடு உடைத்து.

The troubles happening to a person, who breaks all the hurdles in his path and continues his work without losing heart, (like a draught bull that pulls a heavy cart unmindful of whether it is uphill or downhill), would face troubles to themselves. (Thirukkural 624)