Intermittent Fasting: A Free Fitness Tactic That You Can Implement Tomorrow
Adam Arbour

Good article and I think we’re just scratching the surface of the benefits from Intermittent Fasting, and fasting in general.

I do think IF needs a better name if it is to catch on more. I believe many folks hear the word “fasting” and naturally associate it with something very extreme, when in fact IF is very natural and more aligned with historical eating patterns.

I think “time restricted eating” — what Dr. Rhonda Patrick usually refers to IF — is a bit better, but still sounds almost like something you do to solve a problem rather than a normal behavior.

I would propose we refer to the concepts around IF as an “eating window” with a positive association with smaller windows. Just taking “fasting” out of the nomenclature and try to drive behavior around smaller eating windows, and that the window begins when you consume something other than water.

Technically speaking, if you have coffee in the morning you are likely breaking the fast due to the body’s enzymatic responses.

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