Kobonaty vouchers are now applicable in nurseries also!

Kobonaty The Book, popularly known as KTB, is a Dubai based company known to provide exciting offers on various services, activities and leisure around the city. Founded in 2010, KTB is an essential annual purchase for people of Dubai, offering them “buy one get one free” vouchers at the best restaurants, spas, hotels, fitness outlets, entertainment and more across the United Arab Emirates. The sole motive of KTB is to let people enjoy and explore the city more along with saving some money. How about having a great deal every time you go out for dinner/lunch, to Theme Park, for laundry or to rent a car? Well, it’ll no more of a dream when you have Kobonaty The Book in your hands.

It’s been 6 years of operation of Kobonaty and it has already spread its wings in every field. From high end restaurants, hotels to spas, fitness outlets, entertainment & whatnot, Kobonaty has featured deals worth buying on all of them. Anyone, at any point of time can find great deals on any desired service. The best thing about the vouchers in Kobonaty The Book, apart from “buy one get one free”, is that once you have it your hand, you can use it anywhere, anytime throughout the year. No more fretting over the expiry dates like those of traditional vouchers.

That’s not just the end! KTB has been observing the needs of people of Dubai for years and understand what services the most are seeking by them. Thus, to expand the horizon of expectations, KTB has now introduced vouchers for the nurseries around the city which are the best place to let your child learn, play and grow among the other children of same age group. Since, the parents are getting younger and smarter, they want their child to be fast learning, for which they have been seeking nurseries. Since they could charge really high for their services, KTB has just brought to you the solution. So now you can take your child to your favorite nursery, take a voucher from Kobonaty The Book and you can have your child enjoy an hour extra when you have already paid for the previous hour. Not just it’d be beneficial for your kid but also soothes your pocket.

So, no more worrying about where to take your child for activities! If you have Kobonaty The Book with you, you can take him/her to any of the nursery available in the vicinity as most of them are already covered under these offers’ eligibility criteria. So, just get your own piece of Kobonaty The Book and start saving money and enjoy more. TO shop, visit http://www.ktb.ae

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