Lauren Modery

As someone who lived in a home that was under 220 sqft, I can honestly say, all of these points are super valid. I was living with my husband and three dogs, and it was fun… most of the time. And yes, we live on a majestic plot of land (no river, but lots of greenery/wildlife). In the summer, it was amazing — friends could come visit and we would sit outside, the dogs could run free, we would take long walks together, and could open the windows and let the country breeze drift in. But summer only lasts 5 months where I live. And winter is a totally different story. Here in Manitoba, it drops to -30C pretty regularly for 4–6 months. No dogs going outside for longer than 10 minutes, nowhere to put guests, no way to dispel the rancid beer farts my husband releases on a regular basis. And speaking of my dear husband, he honestly sounds like a clogged garburator when he snores, and there is no escape! You’re stuck in one room together all the time! And, eventually, even with all the awesome storage-friendly IKEA furniture, we did run out of space, and we spent a lot of time stepping over/ bumping into things.

So, we moved into a 40' trailer this summer (still relatively small, but with dividing walls, a full kitchen, and way more storage space). I will fondly remember the time we spent in our tiny house, but I can’t imagine ever going back.

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