Sooooo… what am I actually going to write about?

Well, to tell you the truth, I have no idea. However, I think that’s the beauty of it (and kind of the scary part, too).

I have a complete blank canvas. I might rant and rave. I might offer advice. I might type in despair. I might write fiction. I might…

Well, I don’t know and because I am really struggling to think of something today, I am going to write about what other people have said to me instead.

When I published my first post, which I’d written ten days before and spent Christmas mulling over, I was sure one of two things would happen: a) literally no one would care or read it, or b) I’d receive concerned messages urging me to take my blog down asap. Now, I am not saying that my thoughts are rational by any means, but that’s what I thought would happen.

Instead, everyone has been so great and amazing, and I want to share two comments I got over the past few days, which have kept me going.

One, was by a dear friend, who I know would always tell me truth. He said that while my post was a little OTT, it fitted me. Because my life is slightly over the top, drama-filled and ludicrous and I need an outlet to deal with it all. I think I need to be authentic, it’s about bringing your whole self to the table to feel confident and succeed.

And the second was by my long-suffering sounding board. I was aghast after he didn’t show as much enthusiasm for my second post as he did for my first, but now I am grateful. He quite rightfully pointed out that not every post is going to be worthy of a Pulitzer (as if anything I ever write is going to be, lol). That I’m now on a journey, and invariably, posts from the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th of January are probably not going to be as good as when I’m on my 300th. His advice, which has really stuck with me, is: I need to learn how to just let go and post. I need to stop agonising over every single letter, and stop rewriting the same sentence 100 hundred times, because it’s paralysing and unproductive. Editing is good, agonising isn’t.

Anyways, that’s it for today.