KU School of Business hosts second sales competition

VMware senior sales executive Todd Vincent, lecturer Kristen Helling and student Emily Hull.

On November 16, the KU School of Business hosted a sales simulation competition intended to sharpen students’ professional selling skills.

Fourteen students competed, and all of them had the opportunity to review a case written by VMware’s senior sales executive Todd Vincent and Austin Hannifin, an account executive with EMC. The competition was sponsored by VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology.

The case required students to assume the role of a VMware product sales specialist and meet with a client in the healthcare industry who needed to update their aging storage and outdated infrastructure technology, mimicking a real-world sales call. According to Kissan Joseph, the academic director of the Professional Selling Program, students had to open, uncover needs, present a solution and even handle objections. After the competitors had a chance to review the case, they conducted a short, 20-minute simulated sales presentation.

The winners were:

Business administration major Lexi O’Malley; $600

Marketing and supply chain major Annelisse Heinichen; $500

Analytics and marketing major Lindsey Breer; $400

In Spring 2017, the School of Business launched a program in professional selling that allows students to earn a certificate in professional selling. The School also hosts a Professional Selling Summit annually.