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KU School of Business

The School of Business is set to host a Women in Marketing and Sales Panel on Friday, Sept. 13. The event will consist of a discussion with nine industry professionals from various marketing areas including analytics, branding, sales and advertising.

The inspiration to explore marketing and sales in this panel came from the fact that, as marketing lecturer Kristen Helling put it, “marketing and sales go hand in hand. The best marketers have a good sense for how a product is sold and successful salespeople understand how a product is developed and who it was developed for.”

Helling serves as the academic liaison for the Professional Selling Program at the School of Business and saw the need for a comprehensive panel to give students a clear understanding of the various paths they can take with a marketing degree.

The Women in Marketing and Sales Panel provides an opportunity to hear from successful women in a variety of careers.

“In the classroom, we try our best to create a real environment,” Helling said, “but these are the people who are doing the job every day and can illustrate reality better than we can through their expertise.”

Speakers will talk about their daily work, their career progression, networking tips, what they look for in job candidates and more.

This year’s panelists are:

The focus on female panelists was intended to provide a different angle on the industry and to show the women of the school that there are many successful female professionals in marketing and sales positions of all kinds. Though it may seem female-centered, the panel is designed to be inclusive for everyone. The topics covered will be relevant to all marketing and sales students and will be valuable for all students, since they will inevitably work with and for women in the field, Helling said.

If you are looking for advice on what area of marketing to explore, what to do to set yourself apart, or how to secure the job you are hoping for, join the School of Business from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Sept. 13 in Nancy Walthall Doane Lecture Hall, 1020 Capitol Federal Hall.

Click here to reserve your spot and find more information.

KU School of Business

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