School of Business, marketing doctoral student receive sustainability awards

The School of Business and Frank Cabano, a doctoral student in marketing, will be recognized with 2017 Sustainability Leadership Awards. Presented by the Center for Sustainability, the awards recognize outstanding leadership and creativity in addressing issues of ecology, efficiency and equity on the KU campus and in the broader community.

According to the Center for Sustainability, the business school was selected for the Departmental Leadership Award because of its commitment to recycling and sustainability. During the move from Summerfield Hall to Capitol Federal Hall, waste reduction efforts led to the diversion of more than 10 tons of material from the landfill through recycling and surplus efforts.

The school also piloted the new Centralized Waste and Recycling program now being rolled out across campus. Through the program, each workspace is equipped with a recycling bin and a smaller bin for landfill waste. Faculty and staff empty both containers from their offices into nearby recycling and landfill containers. The routine has been shown to increase personal responsibility for and awareness of waste generation and reduction by individuals. Additionally, recycling and compost options are regularly provided at events held at the School of Business.

Sustainability efforts go beyond what happens inside Capitol Federal Hall. The building features a 7,000-square-foot green roof covered with vegetation. Benefits of the roof include reduced storm water runoff, improved air filtration and reduced greenhouse gases.

Frank Cabano, marketing doctoral student

Doctoral student Cabano will receive one of two Graduate Scholarship Awards. His research in environmental psychology looks at factors that influence people’s willingness to make sustainable choices, helping advance understanding of how to frame messages about environmental issues to diverse audiences. His work on the subject earned the School of Business Best Paper Award in both 2015 and 2016.

Award recipients are nominated by their peers and selected by a committee that includes past award winners. Award presentations will be made Friday, April 21, as part of KU’s Earth Day activities.

Learn more about Capitol Federal Hall’s green roof in this video: