School’s supply chain management graduate program among Gartner’s top 25

The School of Business’ graduate supply chain management program has ranked 23rd in a recent list of Top North American Supply Chain University Graduate Programs by Gartner.

For the second consecutive ranking, KU’s graduate program earned a place in the top 25.

“Being in the top 25 is validation that we are providing a very good product,” said Joe Walden, decision sciences and supply chain management lecturer. “This ranking is critical to recognition of the entire supply chain management program.”

The rankings are based on Gartner’s biennial North American Supply Chain University Program Survey, which evaluates the “curricula, experiential content and public reputations of accredited, campus-based supply chain programs in the U.S. and Canada,” according to the release.

Walden noted that many recruiters use the Gartner rankings as a source of information.

“Being on the list for the second straight time helps get the KU brand in front of more companies, which helps all of our students both graduate and undergraduate,” Walden said.

The complete list of rankings can be found on Gartner’s website.

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