Student Spotlight: Daniela Calderón-Córdoba

Daniela Calderón-Córdoba, president of Beta Alpha Psi and a founder of the Global Business Initiative, shares her experiences at the School of Business.

What are you studying?

I am a double major in accounting and French. I’ll be getting my MAcc (Master of Accounting) at KU, too!

Daniela Calderón-Córdoba, a senior, is the president of Beta Alpha Psi and is on the founding committee of the Global Business Initiative at the School of Business.

Why did you choose to study accounting and French?

I chose accounting because I grew up learning about T-accounts and doing general journal entries since my parents have a small accounting firm. My French major snuck its way in there because it was originally a minor. I really wanted to study abroad in France for semester, and it ultimately made more sense to finish the major. Hopefully, I’m able to speak French in my future career as a public accountant.

What programs or groups are you involved with at the School of Business?

I am currently the president of Beta Alpha Psi and a part of the Founding Committee for the Global Business Initiative (GBI). GBI is the result of a committee of Business Leadership Program (BLP) students wanting to integrate international students into the business school and promote a global mindset. I was lucky enough to spearhead this committee and help it grow to become a student organization. I love being involved because it allows me to meet my peers outside of the classroom and find common interests with them. As an executive board member, it’s also great to know that your work is benefiting other students and helping them to develop their business skills.

What has been one of your best School of Business experiences?

My best business school experience was going to Panama on a short-term study abroad trip with a group of BLP and SELF Program engineering students. I was given this great opportunity the summer after my freshman year. I’m originally from Bogota, Colombia, so I had been to Panama before and helped to guide the group, especially in Spanish. We got to tour the bottom of the new locks of the Panama Canal before they were filled with water, learned about Panamanian culture and history, and visited large shipping ports and the metro headquarters. I also met some of my best friends on that trip, both engineering and business students, and met Nichole Valliere, our amazing advisor for GBI.

Who is someone who has impacted your b-school career?

Without a doubt, John Hedeman has been the most influential person in my business school career. From my very first day, he was constantly checking up on me and giving me advice. I couldn’t have a better mentor who has opened many doors for me and helped me to secure internships with EY.

With his connections all over the world, he’s never been shy to help you network. I also greatly admire John and his wife for their global competency. Both working in academia, they’ve traveled the world, experienced different cultures and made friends across countries. I hope to have at least half of the global competency in my career that they have.

What is the best part of being a Jayhawk?

The best part of being a Jayhawk is the experience and network that comes with being a Jayhawk. I have loved being able to represent KU around the world through study abroad and the connections I have made for being a Jayhawk. From going to basketball games to being involved on campus and in the community, being a Jayhawk has helped me to grow both personally and professionally. The support from my Jayhawk family has been incredible throughout the years, and that’s not something I could’ve found anywhere else.

By Anna Pankiewicz