I can see in different circumstances, another woman might have had sex with him out of guilt and the whole thing would have been deemed “consensual.”
What I Learned From Dating Women Who Have Been Raped
Emma Lindsay

This. Uncounted millions of women are victims of sexual coercion — whether it was to avoid putting him in the uncomfortable position of becoming your rapist, or the shame of putting yourself in this situation (because, of course, you direct the blame at yourself for being there), or even guilt because you have been led to believe you “owe” him something or “led him on.” Or a baser fear still: terror of being branded a victim of sexual assault because you don’t want to be “broken.” The truth is coercion, assault, rape — it’s a lot of names for the same thing.

And as for the post-traumatic feelings you describe here, there is no hiding from those either. Thank you for writing this, Emma.

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