SF Decorator Showcase 2015 — Creating Balance by Elevating Both Landscape and Art — Part I

This year we are taking cues from the Arts & Craft Movement and raising the bar for SF Decorator Showcase!

Katharine Webster, the celebrated landscape designer and her team at Katharine Webster, Inc. have joined forces with Repurposed Grain ‐ artists that use wood as their medium to create FACET — the outdoor entry garden for the 2015 San Francisco Decorator Showcase.

FACET, the outdoor space is the first experience the guest encounters entering the 2015 San Francisco Decorator Showcase House. FACET is inspired by the house’s original owner’s historical freight empire, one focal point is a faceted wall created from wood reminiscent of deconstructed packing crates, surrounded by the groomed front garden. The design of the space is guided by the Arts and Crafts movement which sought to: find joy in work, create well designed objects, live simply, stay connected to nature, maintain integrity of space, and discover balance.

Most people know that the San Francisco Decorator Showcase is an extremely competitive effort. Katharine, a three time consecutive veteran of the Showcase, decided to take 2015 off, but at the last minute, the Showcase Committee approached her and brought the team on board to design the entry in record time. When the team received the space, there was a blank windowless wall along the entry and a parterre garden in front of an ivy covered wall — it was like a stage missing its actors. When Katharine thought about the space she kept hearing the voices of her Harvard professors who admonished future designers to “not make corners for squirrels to die in!” The ideas quickly began to flow. The eye would not rest in one place, but the eye could travel — the sculpture along the side entry would take your eye up and along the house whereas the aluminum piece would give presence to the parterre. But instead of a one-point perspective — where one took on the whole experience at one glance, the art elevated the landscape, and the landscape elevated the art — it became clear they were complementing each other. The space had been transformed and balanced, which is a hallmark of all of Katharine Webster projects.