Sadie Sue Shagbottom in Faust

It’s time again for another episode of Shagbottom Theater!

Dog star, Sadie Sue Shagbottom, performs in Faust as the Spirit.

Shagbottom Theater #25

Spirit searching for Faust, just after being conjured:

Mightily you have drawn me to you,
 Long, from my sphere, snatched your food,
 And now –

You beg me to show myself, you implore,
 You wish to hear my voice, and see my face:
 The mighty prayer of your soul weighs
 With me, I am here! — What wretched terror
 Grips you, the Superhuman! Where is your soul’s calling?
 Where is the heart that made a world inside, enthralling:
 Carried it, nourished it, swollen with joy, so tremulous,
 That you too might be a Spirit, one of us?
 Where are you, Faust, whose ringing voice
 Drew towards me with all your force?
 Are you he, who, breathing my breath,
 Trembles in all your life’s depths,
 A fearful, writhing worm?

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Faust by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Originally published at on March 6, 2017.