3 Creative People — Open Book Blog Hop #91

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Topic #91 — Pick Out 3 Creative People Who Inspire You And Think About If They Collaborated To Make A Product — What Would It Be? If those three people created something awesome with all their skills, what would it be? Create that and then share your process and inspiration.

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Let’s start by listing them…

  1. Ada Lovelace
  2. Nikola Tesla
  3. Albert Einstein

If these three were able to collaborate, because they were born/died at intervals that kept them from working together, they would have created the first desk top computer. I have no doubts about that. Lovelace is credited with working on the first computer, though much of her work was miscredited to a man, because of sexism. Tesla was working on free energy and radio waves, as well as magnetics. Einstein was the ultimate idea man. He could envision things and work them out, so he would have been a great assistance to Lovelace and Tesla as they continued on the project.

Most definitely this would have taken the years, but computers took years for those who did get them to where we are now. They built upon the failures and successes of the people around them and before them. That’s why having Einstein is important to the group. His thinking and imagination, his creativity, would have helped bridge the ideas with know-how.

Can you imagine having computers advanced by several decades? Where would we even be by now?

If Tesla had been allowed to succeed and not undermined by greedy business men like Edison, our energy conundrum (climate change, too), would have been resolved long ago. A great deal of human advancement is currently pinned on energy issues and computing. Having gotten ahead of the game, it’s likely we would be in a more Starfleet type of world, with a lot less hate rolling around, too.

Putting the answer to this question together was fairly simple until I got to the last part: share your process and inspiration. But, then, I realized how they tend toward representing my own process. You have me, the initial inventor, as embodied by Lovelace. Then you have the efforts themselves, struggling against larger powers, like Tesla. And, finally, suturing it all together is my own Einstein. That part of the process is finding the loose ends and tying them up, strengthening weaknesses, and so forth. Each of them overlaps beautifully to help me create.

Let’s see what the other authors had to say about their creative team and process

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