The Trailokya Trilogy: Mount Zion and The White City

The heart of Zion is the mountain on which the Perpetual Light shines. This is the known point where the King resides, although none can be sure he doesn’t take time elsewhere. The light comes from beyond the atmosphere of Zion and meets with the tip of the mountain, where a tower was erected to enclose this point. This tower is called Otzar, a link between Zion and Nirvana beyond that serves as a delivery point of the atman in need of rising. (Rising more literally means to grow stronger, and is a term used to describe an atman’s journey toward greater perfection.)

The important role of Otzar and the Perpetual Light required that it be protected, as to give the arriving atman the greatest opportunity to improve. The light also supplies a recharging energy to the beings who inhabit Zion. This makes food virtually unnecessary, except in the case of exhaustion, when a sattva would require food to more quickly replace the lost energy. The light is visible at even the far reaches of Zion.

Otzar is also the interface site for many souls and duta who journey into Samsara for incarnation. This state is quite vulnerable, and the sanctity of Otzar provides the right level of security to these indirect interfaces.

To protect these sites, the keep was built that eventually gave rise to the White City, a sprawling gothic structure that covers the surface of the top of the mountain. A wall separates this portion of the city from the rest of the city that descends down the mountain on all sides. The keep houses the main staff of the king. The next ring is the garrison level, where the general’s and their staff reside. The next is the housing of upper command alders. Below that one would find the Dominions and then the principalities that serve as a barrier to the upper levels.

When speaking of barriers and garrison, one gets a vision of a feudal design and war focused society. Keep in mind that over the centuries, Zion has been defending it’s borders from the fallen of Jahannam. The higher security girding Otzar is meant to keep those incoming atman safe from burning down. Without the efforts of the duta protecting them, they would all face an impossible rising.

The interior of the various levels become gradually less open. At the base of the White City, the architecture is tall and open with great arches and buttresses. The spaces gradually shrink the higher one rises toward the light. Notable sections of the city are the White Gate, that blocks Otzar off from the rest of the city, The Red Hall, which leads to the Blue Passages. The White Gate is a tall set of carved doors that depict the Conflict. The Red Hall is exactly as it sounds. The warm ivory walls are brightened by a ceiling of glass that casts a gold tone onto the interior. Red carpet and banners add to the warmth. A single dominion stands guard at the gate of the Blue Passages at the anterior end of the hall. The doors are largely unimpressive, just an arched wooden, double set of wooden doors. The Blue Passages are winding tunnels through the rock of the mountain. The Perpetual Light charges the crystal in the rocks of the mountain and causes them to glow a soft blue.

Inside Otzar, virtues work to collect and assign the arriving atman. Their duty includes assessing the crystals for signs of decline, as well as self determination. In a way, it is a nursery. Not all atman showing signs of decline will continue to do so. It is a difficult transition to move from Nirvana to Zion and it can deplete them. Some simply need rest and care. Thus, the atman are kept in resting nooks with plenty of light to feed them. Only virtues carry out this work. To assist them, the dominions provide protection and discernment. Their acumen is strong and they are able to see into the minds of most beings, even if shut out. This is critical, because any atman that might come into Otzar could be a danger to the newly arrived atman, but the dominions are able to sense this threat and bar the passage to such travelers. They can be used, additionally, by alders to determine a burning down before it has gone too far.

The lower parts of the city are bustling. This is the seat of the administration. All atman will spend time there at some point in their existence, meeting with their alders and arranging their incarnations. Mostly, guardians attend to the alder halls to make reports. Leaders of orders and soul leaders also come to the city to arbitrate for their groups.

Because of the populations constantly filling the city, services have risen up to provide them with goods and other needs. Restaurants and markets are numerous.

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The Trailokya Trilogy, Book 1: The Shadow Soul — The Perpetual Light, Mount Zion at night.

Originally published at on February 24, 2017.