Read All The Rules.

Ok! Here is my list of Holiday Dinner Rules. Some relatives and friends are always out of order so I think that they need a reminder on what is and what is NOT ALLOWED. Here we go:

  1. If you didn’t bring it, you CAN’T take it…

Family I have a big sister who needs assistants she’s looking for a progressive-leaning church in Atlanta. One that purposefully and intentionally uses inclusive language, especially when referring to the Divine. A focus on social justice is preferred. Doesn’t matter about denomination, except they must ordain women, even if the particular church you suggest is led by a male pastor. Inbox me or leave your comments below. Thanks in advance!

Moses went to Pharaoh and declared, “SLAVE LIVES MATTER. God said, Let my people go!” Pharaoh hastily responded, “All lives matter. Get back to work.”

The prophets went to the rulers of Israel and preached, “POOR LIVES, WIDOWED LIVES, ORPHAN LIVES MATTER.” The rulers of Israel shot back, “All lives matter. Shut up.”


The Roman occupiers and their collaborators thundered, “All lives matter. Enjoy your crucifixion.”

— adapted from Dr. Peter Gathje, Professor of Ethics at Memphis Theological Seminary

The Ten Commandments Ebonics Style

Sometimes you have to get the message across

as best we can. Try this for those who can’t

understand the King James Version:

  1. I’m God. Don’t play me.
  2. (I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have any
  3. other gods before me.)

2. Don’t…

Just a reminder…

Hillary- Nasty

Mayor of San Juan- Nasty

NFL Players- Sons Of Bitches

Democrats- Losers

Nazis- Fine People

#JohnCrawford was just a consumer in Walmart.

#TamirRice just wanted to play “Cops & Robbers” in the park.

#PhilandoCastille was just reaching for requested identification.

#EricGarner and #AltonSterling were just doing what they had to do to feed their families without breaking any laws.

#SandraBland just wanted to get her bogus ticket and go on about her new journey. #TerrenceCrutcher just needed roadside assistance.

#KeithLamontScott just wanted to greet his son at his school bus.

#SymoneMarshall just wanted to be seen by a doctor

#MichaelRobinson just wanted his insulin.

Just /jest/: adj, based on or behaving according to what is morally right and fair.

Justice /jestes/: noun, just behavior or treatment.

Breathe this in.

when i was hungry, you canceled my food stamps

when i was thirsty, you diverted lead & coal into my water

when i was sick, you tripled my insurance rates

when i was naked, you raped me & blamed me because i was naked.

when i was in prison, you…

Any lawmaker who offers “#thoughtsandprayers” and still votes against gun control, takes money from @nra, cries 2nd amendment is a hypocrite

“Thoughts & Prayers”-code for “Aw, that’s too bad, but since it didn’t affect me personally, I’ll keep on doing what the NRA wants me to.”

Not to mention some of those #thoughtsandprayers people will be voting to legalize gun silencers in the coming days. We need #ActionNotPrayers

A Great Majority of Governors, Senators, Congress Men And Woman, House Rep. Always Say Our Thoughts And Prayers Are With Them. Prayer without action is useless. We take no responsibility when all we offer is Prayers unless backed by action because thoughts and prayers won’t get laws passed for STRICTER GUN CONTROL AND LAWS!!!!!!!

I, Hate To Say It, But A lot of people are lending #thoughtsandprayers and moving on with life like this is no big deal.

Repost from my friend, Margaret Rene’ Cole:

How it all started,

(Unfortunately, the people that could learn something by reading this likely won’t bother).

Did you know this?

Aug 14, 2016- Colin Kaepernick sits for the national anthem…..and no one noticed.

Aug 20th, 2016- Colin again sits, and again, no…

Can’t sell CD’s (Alton Sterling), Can’t sleep (Aiyana Jones), Can’t walk from the corner store (Mike Brown), Can’t play cops and robbers (Tamir Rice), Can’t go to church (Charleston 9), Can’t walk home with Skittles (Trayvon Martin), Can’t have a Hair brush while leaving your OWN bachelor party (Sean Bell), Can’t party on New Years (Oscar Grant), Can’t get a normal Traffic ticket (Sandra Bland), Can’t run (Walter Scott), Can’t LIVE (Freddie Gray), Can’t BREATHE (Eric Garner), Can’t have the rights to Lawfully carry a Weapon (Philando Castile)and you can’t break down on a public road with car issues(Corey Jones) Can’t shop at Walmart (John Crawford).Can’t have a disabled vehicle (Terrence Crutcher) can’t read a book in your own damn car (Keith Scott)… Sorry, I’m getting tired of typing an Never Ending List…💯 #RIP


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