The Origin story of Know your Developer (KYD)

Know Your Developer — KYD —

KYD was born out necessity, personal frustation and personal loss in numerous scams as an investor. The article below will talk about the necessity of KYD, basic features, premium features. For more information and coin specifcs, please read the Whitepaper, or our Bitcointalk and join our discord

The latest personal example of being scammed was Northern network. Northern is a cryptocurrency that offers fast and secure transactions with a very low supply. I am currently in the core team of Northern, after it the owner Rob S. dumped all of his premine and deleted the discord. The developer Scribbles continued the coin and after a while left the project to a new team, myself community manager and Doniva. Together with the community Northern is rebuilding and strong. In the period that I was in the Northern core team I witnessed multiple coins scam their community. In the last month for instance: Kingston, Eden (now Reden), Northern and numerous others. That is where KYD comes in.

KYD A brigde of trust between a community and a developer or team.

Know your Developer, tries to minimize the chance of you getting scammed. Developers can apply on our website and write a bio, links to project he/she is working on but also a rating on their developer abilities and reviews from community members.

In addition, KYD offers a list verified projects, with a score. That have been checked on: Team identity, finance (premine), transparency and communication. For listing your coin (for free) check the listing header.

KYD A platform for hiring developers in numerous fields.

With the KYD platform you (a user) will be able to hire a developer for your project/coin or token. The range of fields will include:

  • UX & UI
  • Chain building
  • Bot building
  • Services such as shared Masternode

Developers can get listed with basic verification via Skype. Dev holds up a passport and we verify the face and name with the ID. Short bio will be listed check whitepaper for what exactly. Devs can get payed with a discount on kyd and regular with btc.

We are in talks with Reden platform about doing a API service, in which we receive their Team reports, since that is their specialty

Utility of KYD

Being a basic member is free! You can see everyone in the ecosystem. In this ecosystem they can view developers and their:

  • Ratings
  • Short bio
  • Basic information
  • Coins they have built, or worked on
  • Hold a web wallet

Premium members need to run a Masternode or hold that amount on the webwallet, if you don’t want to run one, and will receive the basic features and additional features:

  • Ratings
  • Short bio
  • Basic information
  • Coins they have built, or worked on
  • Contact a developer directly
  • Easy and secure payment in KYD to the developer in KYD for the building a coin, explorer, pool etc.
  • Complete package, your own coin get a coin complete with everything you need, including a security stamp of approval (if you comply with the same verification proces as for developers)
  • Escrow service (pay a dev directly in KYD for the building a coin, explorer, pool, graphics etc.)

Future features

  • IPFS interplanetary file sharing
  • All in one service paying a fixed amount of KYD to get your coin listed on 1 exchange, Masternode.Online etc.

Getting listed as developer

Getting listed as a developer is free for the first 3 months that this coin exists, after that it will cost 1000 KYD (adjusted to inflation). As a developer you will have to provide basic information about yourself, which will be listed on the website. You also need to send a copy of your Passport (block out citizen number), Certain private information will be kept privately on our server (view data security. Being listed on our site brings many advantages:

  • You can get work fast
  • You can get more work, because people know you are a trustable dev
  • Get paid quick and easy in KYD (with a bonus) or btc.
  • Build a loyal follower base who move with you from coin to coin.

Closing words

With our platform we hope to help into reducing scams in the cryptosphere, altough we can probably never stop scams, we hope to contribute to the rising movement of a more fair and transparent cryptosphere