Have Baby. Will Travel. (Traveling solo with the little one… Yes, it’s possible)

They say you never regret taking time to spend with your child. I’ll edit that slightly to say you’ll never regret the adventures you shared with your child. Little does my daughter know but she’s going to be my travel buddy. She’s strong, calm, funny and a foodie. What more do you need in a travel partner-in-crime?

Travel buddies must have matching hats.

Flying with a 16 month-old: Put on your own mask before helping others

Onboard! Even after a little tumble baby is good to go

This was my third flight with my baby but my first one solo so I chose a flight time that was early in the afternoon reducing the chances of a sleepy fit. After at least two dozen day-trips with my daughter, the most important lesson I learned: pack your bag before packing for the baby. We moms tend to our precious bundles of joy first but inevitably use up all our brain-cells on making sure they have everything they could possibly need. We forget important things for ourselves like pants!

In-flight diaper bag must-haves:

3 or 4 small baby books

2 light and soft toys

3 or 4 diapers

One small pack of wipes

Two sets of clothes


Baby Benadryl (full disclosure, I didn’t use this but my dear friend, @Anicole87 swears by it)

Cheerios or some other crunchy snack

2 4-oz bottles of milk/formula

Checked-bag must-haves:

Pack enough clothes to last the entire trip plus an additional half the number of days

Additional 3 baby books

Additional toy

At least one additional pair of shoes

Leave these things behind:

A view from up top

Diapers (buy them at your destination, they take up too much space)

Pack n’ Play — a lot of hotels will have a Pack n’ Play for rent or will give you one for the duration of your trip for free! Remember they won’t set it up for you so practice before you leave. Remember, cussing at yourself while trying to set up the Pack n’ Play an hour after your baby’s bedtime is not the kind of example you want to set.

Car seat: rental car companies now rent car seats for a very nominal fee. You will need to install your own car seat; the rental car company will not install it for you so make sure you practice on your own car seat before traveling. Car seats for rent do not come with the base so practice threading the seat belt through to secure the seat in your car.

I still questioned whether I needed Cam’s stroller. I think I could have traveled without it and just wore her the entire trip.

The mantra “Less is more” is true especially when traveling with a baby.

What packing tips do you have when traveling with the little one?

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