A few of my influencers

Are you the average of the five people you most associate with on-line?

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Who do you spend most of your on-line time with? I used to spend most of my on-line time with Yahoo!, FaceBook and Barstool Sports. I didn’t act like a drunken frat boy, but I was thinking in click-baity, off-color, inanity. Not really where I wanted to be.

In an effort to clarify my thinking I started searching for people I could look up to and learn from. The improvement in my thought processes has been a little slow, but noticeable, and my productivity continues to improve.

I’m sharing this as much as a resource for others looking for inspiration as I am to say thank you to these people for sharing their knowledge and experience.

Note: I’ve included links to their on-line presence, but not to products. There are several books I recommend, but I didn’t want to get into any affiliate sales misperception. I don’t profit from any of these links.

Tim Ferris — Tim is an author, speaker and experimenter. He practically invented the life-hacking concept with his book The 4-Hour Workweek. What I like most about Tim is that he tries things to get better at what he’s interested in. It’s pretty simple but really powerful. I listen to his podcast regularly and his latest book, Tools of Titans, is always within reach.

Peter Diamandis — Peter is one of those people who appears to do a million things. He founded and runs the XPrize, which offers awards for achieving the near impossible (private space flight, working Tricorder etc.) along with several other ventures. What I like most about Peter is his positive take on technology. One of his books is titled Abundance and his newsletter is the Abundance Insider. His energy is infectious and makes me optimistic for our future.

Ray Kurzweil — Ray is a futurist who has an impressive run of predicting not only new technology, but how technology will impact people. He is pragmatic and serious but not pessimistic. Some people will debate his accuracy for predicting the future and sometimes they are right. Still if you’re interested in what technology is coming and how to prepare for it there isn’t a much better source.

Tony Robbins — Tony Robbins is almost too cliche to put on a list of influencers. He’s here because more often than not when I see one of his posts or read something he’s written I nod my head in agreement. If you need help focusing on you and are looking for some ideas around mindset, Tony is your guy. At times it might feel like hocum but he’s convinced me he’s the real deal.

Joanna Penn — Joanna is an indie-author, speaker, podcaster and more. I have to admit I’ve never read one of her works of fiction, but her Creativepenn podcast is one of my favorites. What I like most about Joanna is that she works hard, has fun and believes that there’s enough for everyone. She showed me that writing fiction can be a passion and a business and that they can live very happily together. If you’re looking to get started as an indie author go devour her site.

Dean Wesley Smith —DWS is prolific writer. In addition to dozens of books written, he’s been doing a writing in public blog that is on a 1330 day streak. Dean has experience writing at pulp speed, writing to market and making your own way as an author. If you’re on the fence about publishing as an indie-author or submitting your work in pursuit of a traditional publishing contract spend some time on his site.

If I was the average of these 6 people I would be one incredible dude. For now I’ll settle for spending time on their sites, reading their work and listening to podcasts.

Who are you spending your on-line time with?

I have a goal to write a post on Medium every day for the month of May, this is a big change for me. My focus is on how we can adapt and drive the changes we want to see in our lives. I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

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