Fridays are different

Planning for that change of pace that comes at the end of the week.

So many of us work ourselves up for Monday’s. We try to make a fresh start or tackle something new at the beginning of the week.

And weekends are awesome. You can be a weekend warrior or you can focus on resting and relaxing, weekends can be whatever you want.

But Friday, maybe the best day of the week, often gets left as an unplanned catchall for the dregs of the week. Being prepared for this different type of day can help reinforce some of the changes you’re working on.

My kids middle school is piloting a change in start times. They’ve pushed the start time on Friday’s back by an hour. It makes Friday mornings a little odd and I have to admit that in the beginning I struggled to adapt.

I like my routines. Having four days with one schedule, one day with a different schedule and then an unscheduled weekend threw me for a loop. My problem was trying to force Friday’s to be something it wasn’t.

Initially I blamed the change in morning schedule for throwing everything off. If I couldn’t meditate, exercise, and journal at the usual times there was no foundation for the day and I couldn’t get myself moving.

But it was more than that. Friday afternoons are weird. I’m tired after a long week of running around, but at the same time I feel like I should do something fun, after all TGIF. On top of all that, by the time Friday rolls around any end of week plans made on Sunday or Monday are completely washed out or revised.

Sitting down on Thursday night to figure out a reasonable Friday seemed promising. It wasn’t. Once a week habits are hard for me to develop.

Finally I decided to just accept that Fridays are different. It’s still a work/school day and I have to live up to my commitments but I’ve padded some time into my work morning.

Instead of jumping right in and trying to wrap up the projects I over-scheduled I start the day with a check-in. My detailed weekly planning is done on Sunday morning, so on Friday I don’t have the pressure of looking out over the next seven days.

Fridays’ check-in is more relaxed and focused on me rather than my projects. Am I headed in the right direction? How do I feel about how I spent my time this week? What should I try and do better next week? And finally, what can I get done today that will make me feel like I’ve accomplished something.

Obviously, you don’t have to do what I do. Maybe you like to burn the midnight oil on Friday and spend the weekend recovering. Perhaps for you Friday’s are in the middle of your work week and Sunday’s are the day you need to treat different. The goal is recognizing that there is a day of the week that is not like the rest.

If you’re aware that there is a day of the week that is different, you can adapt and get the most out of that change of pace.