Pyramids, aliens, and my stories

When coincidence feels like too much.

Image courtesy of me

No one knows that I have a pyramid as part of my current story. When my brother took us to Tepotzlan last week it felt a little spooky, there is a pyramid there and multiple stories about UFO visits.

Tepotzlan is South of Mexico City, just over the mountains. It’s a small town where you could enjoy a few days just walking around, shopping and eating. High on the mountain, overlooking the town is a smallish pyramid, El Tepozteco. You can see it from the road as you approach the town, but it’s so high that you don’t trust what you’re seeing.

It’s a fairly popular tourist town and we noticed several other Americans walking around. Still it’s not the type of place your average traveler would plan to visit. I didn’t know it existed until we passed the road sign. My brother has a cabin nearby and we stopped in the town to see the pyramid and grab some lunch.

I shouldn’t have been surprised. I’ve visited pyramids in Mexico with my brother before. In fact the last two times I’ve visited Mexico we’ve gone to see pyramids. A pyramid wasn’t planned or anticipated, but it wasn’t a complete coindidence.

While I was trying to hike the 2 miles and 1200 feet of elevation to the pyramid, a few things dawned on me that I consider relevant to my storytelling.

  1. I don’t really believe in coincidences. If something has happened twice, there’s a good chance it’s going to happen again. Even in the complete randomness of the stars we’ve found patterns and shapes.
  2. I’m a pyramid guy. They fascinate me. Different styles, different materials, and locations all over the globe really makes me think. I get that it’s a fairly fundamental structure. But the decision, by discrete cultures, to build that structure at the scale that they have been built feels like more than a coincidence (see 1).
  3. I believe there is intelligent life beyond Earth. The fact that there have been UFO sightings all over the planet, by different, unconnected people and dating back centuries is too coincidental (see 1). I’m not convinced that it’s “aliens” but do believe that a variation of humans could be traveling the stars and periodically pop in to check on us.

If you read my sci-fi series The Seamus Chronicles you’ll see each of these influences. They get even stronger in books 5 and 6.

As I’m in the process of planning out my next two series I can tell you there will also be elements of these again. If you’re into science fiction with a bit of history keep reading and let me know where it works for you and where it doesn’t.

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