Thrive your Social Media Presence with a Good Story

Scrolling through my (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.…) feed there are images and stories that grab my attention and others that I barely glance at. Every successful marketing team knows visual storytelling is key. The quicker a potential customer is to click your ad and have some type of emotional response to your content the better it is!

For example, Nike’s Instagram doesn’t solely post pictures and content about the products they sell. Instead, they focus on the activity that goes hand-in-hand with their products. The high quality and detail driven images are attention grabbing. No words are needed to convey the endless amount of activities one can do with Nike products. The creativity and compelling shots sell the brand and convey imagery to “wow” the viewer. Personally, the images by Nike or other brands that follow their formula make me want the experience not just the product. In the end, I’m naturally sold on the pair of shoes or cosmetic item or concert tickets. The sequence of photos that tell a story is what drives business. Visually, all components of the brand need to speak to the target audience.

Clicks, shares, and favorites are all in the favor of visual content storytelling. By organizing a content calendar the flow within your social media sites will always be relevant. Linking sports, holidays, and newsworthy events with your brand content will generate a buzz. Being prepared with a calendar will give your brand the tools to succeed.

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