Persona 5 Confidant Rankings

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Everyone’s vying for your time in Persona 5, and here I’m gonna talk about all of them (except the Confidants that level up as the story progresses), in the order of least to most liked. All this stuff, is of course, subjective and personal.

17.) Haru
Haru stands at the bottom of my list because she’s simply a case of too little, to late. She feels like someone I’ve seen a lot of times in anime and JRPG’s that by this time it’s too hard to make the mold she follows interesting — innocent heiress to a big company, quietly following what she’s told to do until of course, meeting the Phantom Thieves and eventually taking her life into her own hands. She’s a little too nice, a little too predictable, and honestly, she’s kind of just okay. She’s mostly here because well, she’s also a party member, and there are others on this list I’d rather have explored Mementos with.

16.) Chihaya
She’s a bit of a naive airhead, but her Confidant perks are some of the most useful in the game, so I ranked her up to 7 and haven’t advanced her quest line since then. I couldn’t find a lot to relate to when it came to her, but well, I gotta confess I did end up visiting her every day just to use the perk that allows me to quickly level up the other Confidants, so there’s that.

15.) Twin Wardens
Honestly, I found Caroline unnecessarily hostile and well, annoying. I get that she’s supposed to be “tsundere” but I guess I’m just not part of the demographic she appeals to. Justine, meanwhile, is the quiet type. They both kinda just felt like characters fitting into a trope, and even the twist of them being one person wasn’t really all that surprising.

14.) Shinya
He comes into the game a little to late for you to spend enough time with him to get to like him. He’s a bit of a whiny kid, and I’m not really a fan of kids that are social links in general (except Persona 4's Nanako) but well, he’s good at video games and the gun perks are nice, so…

13.) Kawakami
Her Confidant perks are nice, but she feels a lot like a whiny adult, only this time a little worse — most of her cut scenes are about her complaining about her life. Also she personally creeps me out with the fake affection. This is a social link that does get better with time, however, and I get why she’s generally well-liked. I guess I just can’t get past the iffy early stages.

12.) Ohya
The drunk journalist is another whiny adult. She’s a little interesting because of this case about her old partner and how driven she is to find justice, plus the fact that she’s not really /nice/ unlike the rest of the cast, but I dunno, nothing’s really pulled me into investing into her.

11.) Ann
Ann is actually one of the bros, and she’s actually a really good addition to the ‘golden trio’ of the game. She’s girly and stylish but also strong and confident. She’s a bit overly-sexualized though, which is a shame. Her struggles throughout the game are easy to relate to, and while she isn’t really groundbreaking, she’s an okay character.

10.) Iwai
Iwai is cool, and actually adds some true edge to the aesthetic-edginess of the rest of Persona. I love organized crime stories, especially when it’s about a character just trying to leave his past behind him and move on to a better life. It’s a shame I wasn’t actually able to max him out, but I unlocked him a bit too late.

9.) Takemi
Punk Doctor is one of the most interesting character designs I’ve seen in Persona. It’s also pretty cool that no-one makes a big deal out of it. She’s smart, eccentric and just wants to continue making medicines that help save people. What’s not to like?

8.) Yoshida
A genuine politician, wanting to do the right thing. Going through his quest line really made me think a lot about the country’s current state of affairs and really hammered it home that Persona 5 was not joking around — this was a game meant to make you consider realities despite being set in a virtual Tokyo with supernatural-powered teens.

7.) Futaba
The group’s tactical support is one of the best, most well-handled representations of anxiety in a video game I’ve ever seen. Her relationship with Sojiro and the Protagonist really exude a feeling of family, and seeing her grow and go through character development is great. It’s almost like having a little sister.

6.) Makoto
The responsible senpai of the group, reliable and strong-willed, with one of the best Persona designs in the franchise (the motorbike). She’s pretty cool, but the whole ‘smart-senpai-but-isn’t-used-to-normal-socialization-because-she-was-too-focused-on-studies’ thing is a little outplayed and is one of the reasons she’s not higher on the list. Another is that maybe she’s a little too perfect. I like my characters with flaws too.

5.) Yusuke
He’s a sweet cinnamon roll who’s dramatic and has really fine aesthetic taste. He’s weird in the best way, while also being the calm voice of reason in a party of gung-ho teenagers. His in-game animations are also really flamboyant and flashy and just… exude personality. I’m personally a little envious of artistic types to be honest, because art has always been one of the things I enjoy the most but have very little skill in.

4.) Ryuji
I’m not sure why most people don’t like Ryuji as much (interestingly most guys I know don’t like him, while most girls do). He’s just behind Junpei in “favorite best bro Persona characters” — he’s always got your back, and in his own hot-headed way, will defend you to the death. He’s braver than I will ever be, and is unabashed and unafraid to tell you what he’s thinking. He’s always the first one to stand up for any of his friends, and honestly more people need a Ryuji in their lives so they don’t take themselves for granted.

3.) Mishima
People who don’t like Mishima probably haven’t felt worthless in their life. Good for them. Mishima is one of the normal people who mean well, and really, really try their best to contribute despite not having special skills or powers (except running the website of course). He just wants to help the world become a better place — and most of all, he reminds me of me. One of my greatest fears is living life too scared to do anything and eventually ending up not amounting to anything worth remembering. That’s probably why I like him so much.

2.) Sojiro
Cafe Uncle is one of the best older-mentor figures in Persona (just in front of the Drunk Monk in Persona 3). He starts off being a grumpy guardian and eventually feels like your dad at the end — stern, but only wants the best for you and to keep you safe. Also has an awesome sense of style.

1.) Hifumi
More than a compelling character design and voice acting, Hifumi is strong-willed in her own way, and just wants to do something she loves to make a living and support her family. She, even as just a confidant, has a well-defined, complete character arc — and goes through true failure to eventually rise above it. Aside from that, she’s very particular about Shogi, and her ‘getting into character’ when she’s really into it is kind of adorable in the same way that people who are excited about the things they’re talking about are. Also her Confidant in-game perks are super useful. I really, re wish she was in the playable party.

So yeah, there we go. My Persona 5 confidant rankings.

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