As you know fortune tellers are full of shit. I hope you realize this. Maybe you don’t.

There is however some truth to the concept of folks “having the gift” of fortune tellers.

Its the ability to cold read. It is also knowing how to tell people what they want to hear.

I am a shitty fortune teller.

I will see in your body language you know in your heart he is an asshole. I see the bruises on your wrists. I also see you apologize. “I know he seems strange but I am not sure its all that bad.” I will notice how you phrase your query “Will I marry him?” when I hedge on marriage and try to give you a lesson how the marriage arrangement isn’t the be all end all of a proper relationship you ask “Will we be together for a while”

I want to lie to you. I want to say no. Because I know you shouldn’t be together. I know by the way your voice changes when you say his name that he has broken you down into your most submissive parts.

But here, the truth is yes, you will be together for a while. You will stay. You will blame yourself for him treating you poorly. You will learn to hide the bruises better. You will likely even have a child with him.

This is no psychic ability. This is pattern. I have seen it before. I want to tell you that too. It is not my place that is not what you came in here for.

I say instead, “You will be together, but not forever.” I will point to the most sinister looking card on the table. “There are troubles, a demon influence” I will point to the saddest card on the table “You will be wounded and hurt”

You will pause and say “He would never hurt me… not on purpose.”

And I will lie and say “Perhaps. But the demon influence is strong and you must beware”

What I want to say is yes, he will hurt you because he has hurt you. But that is not what you are paying me to tell you.

I try to show you something happy. I spout out some bullshit about the lines on your wrist. I speak to you, holding your hands, and talk of the children you will have. I point out the shape of your fingers and talk of the art inside you. You mention you play guitar, but you have been so busy working, what with him losing the job and the rent being so high. I say your hands show a song, you must find it. You tell me you sold your guitar anyway.

I say Music will be the thing that brings the most love to you.

You will say “He doesn’t really like my style of music. But I could learn what he likes”