It’s a choice no man will ever need to make.

It’s a choice no man will ever need to make.

A choice I may add I have never regretted for one moment in my life.

A choice I would make again in a second.

Because I’m not livestock. And a mass of cells isn’t a “baby” anymore than the mass of cells in the stiff sock under the bed of every teenage boy in America.

Millions of potential lives ended in a tissue or between the pages of “High Society”

Not to mention all the potential lives that meet there ends entangled in cotton tampons or stuck to maxi pads in brown paper sacks in little metal boxes in the ladies room at Target.

Should we collect those lives? Bury them in cemeteries with tiny angel winged statuettes to watch over them? Collections of socks, tissues and tampons offered up to the heavens with guilt and apology for failing to create life this time?