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Que Paso Shindig? Que Paso Papatzul ?

As I came out of Alley the other day, I decided to walk from Midtown to downtown. The weather was so good and I had no plans for my Wednesday night! I switched on the exploration mode and wanted to find a cool place to have few drinks. On the junction of Grand and W Broadway saw this Mexican bar called Papatzul! I was hesitating to walk the stairs up but did it anyways!

The atmosphere was warm. I bumped into this short Latino guy! Being a shorty myself, immediately we had an eye contact and he started welcoming me in Spanish! For some reason I have this Mexican look that deceives all the Latinos I have met! The problem is as soon as they pass the “que paso?” phase I get stuck and don’t understand anything else!

First I wanted to sit at the bar but it was packed since they had a 5–8 happy hour ( I realized later that the happy hour is everyday!), but I ended up sitting in front of an orange tree at the corner near the window near the bar.( I manage to move to the bar soon)

Now what! I started thinking with myself! I was not in a mood of ordering margaritas, aha! I immediately garbed that phone and lunched Shindig! I started looking for a some sort of bourbon cocktails! Lucky me I found a good one: a King Cole cocktail! It’s made of 2 oz of bourbon ,1/4 oz of fernet branca,1/4 oz of simple syrup and orange peel!

The bartender was happy to make it ready!

Shindig is some how the Instagram of drinkers! It is a social discovery app for beers, wines, and spirits. Drinkers can save, wish list and discover drinks around them! According to Harry Raymond co-founder and CEO they have more than 10,000 active users.

Going back to Papatzul! When I was sitting I noticed the lively movements of that short Latino guy around the bar! Where he was going on each table ask them if everything was ok and joke with some of the customers! He acted like spices to the food! Chatting people up and creating a such happy ambiance!

I quickly asked the bar tender about that guy and he told me that he is the owner! Called Thierry ! A French name for a Latino bar owner! That is unique too!

After coming to me at the bar we had a chat and Thierry offered me a shot of Ilegal mezcal for free! ( Hold on sec! Ilegal is aname of a brand! ) Well yeah that’s what he does for living making people happy and he has got he’s way to earn their loyalty!

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