Do you know why sex before marriage is a sin?

Let me break it down for you.

Firstly, the economies of life dictates that you marry. Logically, being in a marriage essentially designs a life of commitment for you. Commitment means you will spend and focus your most important resourses towards one relationship: money, time, affection and health... essentially, your life. Think! We shouldn’t be having infidelities had this been the case.

Now that we understand that one should marry because they can afford (money) to have a life partner... we also know that this means that one can now afford to have a family, with children and extended family member. This means you are allowed to have sex. By all means, if you can afford to have sex, enjoy it!

The sin here is when you bring another life into this living realm without the means to raise them. That's where the sin come in.

This means that you shouldn't be having sex when you're poor. The truth of the matter is, bringing a human on earth when you can't raise them is the real sin.

This is why 'sex before marriage is a sin’.

Obviously, this is one sided because there are plenty more people in the world who are rich and having sex before marriage and having children out of wedlock. Think about the list of things I mentioned there regarding commitment. In most cases, if a child is born out of wedlock, he/she will not enjoy a 100% commitment from the parents. This is still sin.

This is essentially, part of the root of all the problems in the world: psychological and emotional problems faced by humanity… which branch out to become other problems we have today (if you know what I am saying). Because people who were not supposed to be having sex, had sex! So, don’t have sex if you’ll not be able to handle the results thereof.

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